+ Is it strip?

NO! At Sweet Burlesque, we don't strip. In our opinion, women can be sexy WITHOUT throwing their clothes. The only thing that might drop, would be a glove or stocking but the rest stays on!

+ Do you dance in lingeri?

No, we don't dance in lingerie during classes. We dance in normal workout-wear and everyone wear, whatever they feel comfortable in - whether it’s shorts, tights, nylon stockings or sweatpants.

+ How do you pronounce "Burlesque"?

Like 'Burlesk. ;)!

+ Is your classes for women only?

At the moment, Sweet Burlesque only offers dance classes for women to create a safe environment where all women can unfold without thinking about who's watching.

+ What is Sweet Burlesque?

Read more about us here.

+ What is the difference between Burlesque and Cabaret?

That's a really good question! Cabaret is related to Burlesque, but is more limited, typically a sketchy show at a restaurant where food and drinks are served and where artists are introduced by a host. Burlesque, on the other hand, is more broad and can be performed anywhere. Cabaret can be any kind of performer such as dancers, singers, athletes etc. where Burlesque is more into dance performance and satire.

+ Is Burlesque for all shapes and sizes?

YES YES and YES :) ALL are welcome and all women should feel sexy and comfortable in their own body NO MATTER THE SIZE!

+ Is it dance?

Yes at Sweet Burlesque you sign up for dance lessons. You will do choreographies, basic techniques and warmups as if you went to a regular dance school!

+ Do you use "nipple tassels"?

No. If you watch Burlesque on youtube you will encounter this but with us this is not the case.

+ What is the difference between Burlesque and Sweet Burlesque?

Read more about that here.

+ How long is a season?

Our main season runs from September to early May. We also offer half-seasons that run from September-December or January to May. Our summer season is from May to June.

+ Opening 'hours'

Sweet Burlesque works like a normal dance school and has thus closed during school holidays as well as holidays.

+ Can you get to perform with/as Sweet Burlesque?

Yes, all of our teams are invited to attend our annual Christmas and Dancing Show, which is usually in April or May.


What is Sweet Burlesque?

Sweet Burlesque is the very first burlesque dance school in Copenhagen that offers classes and shows within the burlesque genre. Our focus is to embrace the female body and to make women feel comfortable and gain body awareness through dancing. Sweet Burlesque is a place where women can feel feminine and sensual - a free space just for women. At Sweet Burlesque we take the main elements from the traditional burlesque which is tease, performance and satire and mix it with dance and choreography but without the use of nudity.

What do I wear for classes?

Classes are presented just like a dance class - wear comfortable clothing that you would wear to the gym.  
We dance in bare feet during classes except for heels classes. However, you are always more than welcome to put on corsages, lipstick etc. to spice it up!

What can I expect to learn in the classes?

Our regular classes starts with a warm-up on chairs followed by a review of technique or prop handling.
After this we work on small choreography that is built more on a regular basis during the season. Read more about our classes


Where is your studio?

Our classes are held in our new Studio at Rønnegade 1, 1th, 2100 KBH Ø.
To find it enter through Teglgården and go to the first floor

Does training and shows involve nudity?

Sweet Burlesques version of burlesque is more about teasing than nudity.
There will be therefore be no nudity nor nipple pasties in our classes or shows.

Why can I only sign up for a half or a full season?

We want to offer a safe and secure atmosphere to our students, and we experience this to happen best if there are the same participants on the classes and not new students from time to time.

When does the season starts and end?

Half season: 2nd of September 2019 - 14th of December 2019

Half season: 6th of January 2020 - 2nd of May 2020

Main Season: 2nd of September 2019 - 2nd of May 2020

 I've never done burlesque or danced before.  Can I still join in?

We have dedicated Beginner classes, many of our classes are for all experience and fitness levels and some are best suited to those with previous experience. 
Read each class description
here to choose the class that best suits you.

What class should I start with?

BEGINNER: For those who are new to burlesque or want to polish their skills. 
We recommend that all students start with a dedicated beginner class to learn the history and essential moves of burlesque. If you have a dance or performance background, one or two seasons of beginner may suffice, though you’re welcome to take other classes.
INTERMEDIATE: Suited to those with 2+ years of Burlesque experience and/or dance training in modern styles.
ADVANCED: Suited to those with 3+ years of Burlesque experience and/or significant, recent dance training in modern styles.

Can I buy merchandise?

Yes, you can buy merchandise, ask your trainer about this or contact us here:


What is the difference between workshops and master classes?

Read more here


What is the age limit to attend classes?

All women can attend our classes if aged 18 and over!
Due to the elements of tease, classes and performances are restricted to those aged 18 or over, however women with all levels of fitness and experience are welcome. 

I can't make classes every week, do you have drop-in classes?

As something new this season we offer drop-in classes on our Burly morning classes, Friday groove classes, flexibility and weekend class. Read more here


Are there parking facilities?

There is pay parking by the studio. 


How do I find out when new stuff is happening at Sweet Burlesque?

By joining our mailing list here

 The class I want to do is sold out.  What do I do?

If a class is not able to be selected in the store, it has sold out.
contact us to be placed on the wait list for the class and we'll let you know if a place becomes available.

Can I try one class out before committing to a season?

Yes you can buy a try out class here
Be aware that if the class is sold out, you wont be able to purchase a try out for the class.
All students must enroll online in advance to participate in our classes.

Can I come in and watch a class?

No, to maintain a safe space for our students, spectators are not permitted to watch or sit in on classes without participating. 


If I miss a class?

We understand that life happens, so missing a class or two is not a problem. 
The exception to this is if you wish to perform, you must be in attendance at the weeks up to a show. If you don't want to perform, this is not a problem.

How often are the student shows held?

We present 2 student shows a year, one at Christmas and the other at April. Read more about it here

Can my friends and family come and watch the show?

They sure can!  Tickets will be available for purchase in the lead up for each event. 


Can I book a burlesque hens party?

YES. View more about what we offer here

Can I book  a show for my event?

Yes our show team can be booked here

Can I book a burlesque photoshoot?

Yes we recommend trying out our photo shoots.
Check out if there is an open spot for you on our next shoot