Book a burlesque dance class for your bachelorette

and celebrate the big day in a fun and sexy way! 

At Sweet Burlesque you will get a bit of cheeky comedy and lots of fun. We promise an hour of Burlesque dancing with lots of tease, humor and 'all eyes on the brides'- moments. Our talented choreographers will make sure everyone is a part of the class plus give the 'future -bride- to- be' an unforgettable experience!

Everyone can join - no matter age or size! Our biggest priority is that you will have a good and fun experience with Sweet Burlesque. 

The class will take place in our own studio at Østerbro. If you would like to use another venue for your bachelorette party, please contact us for more information.  


We had a blast! AK is an inspiring and talented teacher. She fills us all with joy and confidence.
— attending bachelorette
Skilled teacher who really sensed the mood and set the level to fit all. Will definitely recommend!
— attending bachelorette
She managed to make a fun and down-to-earth class, so everyone could follow and felt comfortable. It was a huge success!
— booker of bachelorette


Please consult us if you have special requests or wishes/suggestions, so we can make the day perfect for you. Please find contact form and information below.



We also accept bookings for birthday parties or other events if you wish to give your guest an extra surprise learning how to dance Burlesque.  



Common for all bookings; Evening bookings will be charged extra for events after 18:00

package #1

1 hour of Burlesque dancing incl. props, in our Sweet Burlesque Studio at Rønnegade 1, 2100 CPH Ø. 

  • Groups of 3-10 participants: 1.200,-

  • Groups of 11-20 participants: 1.700,-

  • Groups over 20 participants: 2.500,-




package #2

1 hour of Burlesque dancing in other facilities (at home, outside Copenhagen etc) incl. props

  • Groups of 3-10 participants: 1.500,-

  • Groups of 11-20 participants: 2500,-

  • Groups over 20 participants: 3.000,-

Please Note:
If the event is more than 40 minutes drive from Copenhagen City, there will be an additional fee to cover transportation expenses.   



Private lessons for individuals (1 hour): 1000,-



Absent / cancellation / delay will not be refunded once you booking request has been received. In case of late arrivals, it is your own responsibility and the hour will not be extended.

For Bachelorettes #2: If the bachelorette is hosted at your own place, you must provide speakers that can be connected to an iPod.


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Date of the arrangement
Date of the arrangement
Please let us know if you have any request concerning props (boas, gloves, hats, canes, stockings etc) or if you want a special theme. Please Note that it is only possible to book a full hour(s) - we are available at all times, but there will be added an additional fee to the price for bookings after 6pm.

After signing up you will receive an invoice that must be paid within 8 days after the sign up. Once the invoice has been paid you will get a confirmation e-mail with all of the information. That email is your receipt and at that time the agreement becomes binding for both parties; the arrangement cannot be cancelled.