Sweet Burlesque leverer uforglemmelig og gennemført underholdning, når de dygtige og smukke dansere indtager gulvet og sætter gang i enhver fest med et show i verdensklasse. 

Hvert show er unikt og skræddersyet efter vores kunders ønsker af evt. temaer, længde og størrelse. Perfekt til julefrokoster, festivaller, sociale events, spillesteder mm. 

Sweet Burlesque gruppen er skabt af den rutinerede koreograf Headmistress Anne og består af 13 dygtige Burlesque dansere. Gruppen har mere end 200 shows bag sig fra et vidt spænd af forskellige events.

Skal vi levere underholdning til jeres event? Udfyld formularen nederst på siden og fortæl os om jeres ønsker - så kontakter vi jer hurtigst muligt! 


+ Showgirls show

Sweet Burlesque Showgirl performance is one of a kind – a real dime!

This show oozes of elegancy, femininity and Las Vegas vibes. Get ready to experience the girls’ tasteful, yet sensual dance moves and dazzling costumes filled to the breaking point with feathers and rhinestones.

The Showgirls show is the perfect show for you who want to up your event with a pinch of extravagancy!


Experience our popular 1920’s Great Gatsby show with flapper dresses, ‘whoo girls’ and escalating energy! Just the show to make your party an ecstatic success!

Our Great Gatsby show is festive, joyous but yet sober and will take your guests back to the roaring twenties, where everything was just a little bit wilder!

This show contains lots of humor, sensual movements and energy, therefore this show is perfect to set fire on the dance floor at any party.


Our all-time classic Burlesque Show is a real treat for your guests! The Show is energetic, humorous and sexy! Yet, with high class and finesse. Our Burlesque performances always consist of a group of dancers and is never about nudity – although we might lose our gloves, skirts or stockings…

With this show you will experience sensual and strong dance moves in a theme-based dance routine that will wauw the audience and make you want to join us on stage!


Be prepared for a spookylicious show, with dramatic music, deadly costumes and a twist of sexiness.

It is a haunted world of delicious dames and acrobatic nightmares. No one is safe as our dancing creatures slither through the audience.

Do you dare?


Enjoy the sumptuous Parisian cabaret feeling with our spectacular Moulin Rouge show.

The energy and mixed dance styles during this extraordinary show, will be of the highest standard and let the dancers shine, with their amazing dance skills and performance art.

A glamourous show with effervescent dancers in dreamy costumes.


Our Rock n’ Roll show is a real party starter. With wild and wet rock bitches with a special powerful rock n’ roll attitude that will blow your mind. The show’s wildness combined with female sensuality is a real crowd pleaser, with acrobatic pole moves and cool rock n’ roll moves!

Sweet Burlesque’s rock n’ roll performance at the Copenhell festival, was highly praised both by the audience but also by the massive press corp present.

Rock n’ Roll is here to stay, so let’s have a party together!



We are more than happy to hear your ideas and whishes for your dream show. Just write us and email or call us and we will be delighted to plan something special for your event.


Praktisk info


Efterårsferie: 14.10.19-20.10.19

Juleferie: 16.12.19-06.01.20

Vinterferie: 10.02.20-16.02.20

9. april 2020: Skærtorsdag

10. april 2020: Lang fredag

13. april 2020: 2. påskedag


Boolesque (Halloween Show): 25-26. oktober 2019

Juleshow: 5. december 2019

Sweet Burlesque afslutningsshow: 25. april 2020