Freestyle Roulette with Sweet Burlesque

Freestyle Roulette with Sweet Burlesque


Do you love to freestyle or just want to push yourself and get inspiration from other dancers? 

Then come to Freestyle Roulette and have a party! 

Freestyle Roulette is a social event held at the Sweet Burlesque Studio, where your improvisation skills and creativity will be challenged as we spin the wheel and give you a freestyle task. This is event is for every dancer whether or not you have been dancing all your life or just began this month. 

What is Freestyle Roulette?

The dancer spins a wheel and is given a random song, then the dancers spins a second wheel, which gives a random task - for example “dance like an angel” or “dance like a waterfall”. The dancer will then perform the task to the given music. 

We will provide props and chairs, so that you may be the most creative that you can be and maybe try out new things. 

The most creative and impressive freestyle will be awarded the winner of the Sweet Burlesque Freestyle Roulette! 

From this event you will push your boundaries and learn how to become more creative and make fast decisions when you dance. You will gain a boost of confidence from completing a freestyle yourself and gain a bunch of inspiration from all the other dancers. 

We will have fun and make a party together, where everyone will feel the urge to dance a freestyle! 

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