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MASTER CLASS: Stage Presence Class with Tansy

Sweet Burlesque is proud to have this true Burlesque Star all the way from New York in our Studio this Sunday!

Tansy is commonly described as "The Elizabeth Taylor of Burlesque". This vintage vixen teases with both humor and a sophisticated sensuality.  A staple on the New York City burlesque stages, Tansy radiates a joyous effervescence whilst channeling the sublime glamour of another era. She is admired for her classic energy, storytelling, and joie de vivre.

Learn the skills to be the best performer you can be, to learn the dos and don’ts on a stage and to have fun! For this class Tansy will guide you through techniques that you can use as a dancer as well in your personal life! There is nothing more sexy and powerful than a lady with confidence! Am i rigth?

Before this class of Stage Presence Tansy teaches another class in Slow Burn. If you sign up for both classes you get a discount!

Stage Presence: 275 DKK
Slow Burn + Stage Presence: 500 DKK

Stage Presence Class with Tansy
from 275.00
One Class or Both?: