Meet sweet burlesque


Headmistress Ann

Owner and founder of Sweet Burlesque.

Genres: Neo-Burlesque, Showgirl, Charleston, Heels, Streetjazz, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, ChairDance, ChairWork, Classic Burlesque, choreography & technique.

Best features:

  • Always remembers the name of all her students.

  • Her motivation, tireless level of energy and joy.

Headmistress Ann is an elegant, extravagant and passionate performer and one of Denmark’s most hard-working choreographers.  Miss Ann is known for her exceptional technique and captivating stage presence and high energy on stage, while she, among students, is known for her enthusiastic good mood, big smile, and empathy for all. Miss Ann has a unique ability to get everyone involved and to feel welcome and being part of the Sweet Burlesque family.  

She is a master of expression and loves to explore and create new and fun routines for her students. As a licensed physiotherapist, she also uses her knowledge of the body to strengthen her student's body awareness through dancing.  

As the owner of Sweet Burlesque miss Ann has created the Sweet Burlesque concept to all women who wish to feel sexy, gain more confidence and just have fun while working out.



Miss Mollie

Genres: ChairWork, ChairDance, FloorWork, Streetjazz, Classic Burlesque, Neo-Burlesque, AcroChair & choreography.

Best features:

  • Energetic burlesque queen with the ability to turn every tough workout into fun and sexy dancing. 

This multi-talented dancing queen has been dancing since she was 18 years old and since starting burlesque in 2016 she has been incorporating her dancing background including jazz, modern, hip-hop and much more into her teaching. 

Not only is this hair-flicking dancing queen a talented dancer, she is also a well-respected physiotherapist, that knows exactly what is good for the body and how to gain the most out of dance practice. 

Miss Mollie is cheeky yet chic and with her energetic charisma and she promises you will be having just as much fun as she is during her classes. 

Miss Mollie will be teaching 40+ intermediate and ChairWork.  



Miss Mathilde

Genres: Flexibility, Stretch, ChairDance, FloorWork, choreography, Contortionist & Poledans.

Best features:

  • A divalicious teacher that will push you to your absolute maximum and then even further! 

As a true guru of Flexibility Miss Mathilde always put a lot of focus on proper techniques that are specifically adjusted to every individual level. She will help you make your body move in ways you did not think was possible! 

This flexible diva with a background in pole dancing, pole fitness, contortion, and overall flexibility is once again ready to teach this season in 3 different styles: Flexibility, chairwork and chair dance.

In these classes, you will receive tips on how to get the most out of your stretches and movements so that you will see a fast and correctly progression.  

Mathilde will challenge you at your particular level so that you will get the most out of her classes. You will become more flexible and you will learn the art of sexy and slow movements during dancing.



Miss Alex

Genres: Neo-Burlesque, Charleston, Classic Burlesque, Street jazz, ChairDance & choreography.

Best feature:

  • Her mesmerising moves

Don’t mistake her sweet looks with innocent, Miss Alex is a devil in disguise and will dazzle you with her outstanding and creative choreographies filled with sass and attitude. 

Miss Alex comes from a background of ballroom dancing and knows the technical aspects of dance. 

As an experienced dancer she moves with elegance and grace and teaches many genres such as Street jazz, Jazz, Modern and of course Burlesque. 

Miss Alex has a loving and warm personality that will lift up any spirit on a rainy day! 

She is a talented and creative teacher with a strong expression of burlesque and her classes will without doubt make you crave for more. 

Miss Alex will be teaching Street jazz and Burlesque on beginners level. 



Miss Petrine

Genres: Neo-Burlesque, Heels, Classic Burlesque, ChairDance, Charleston & choreography. 

Best feature:

  • Once you have tried Miss Petrines classes, you will get addicted and will need your weekly dose of this sparkling showgirl.

Miss Petrine is a real sweetheart with a lot of energy! Her teaching is loving and fun and she is known for her addictive energy and glittery glamour. She has a talent for creating spellbinding and exciting choreographies that will capture the audience and make them beg for more. Miss Petrine has been teaching the art of Burlesque since 2017 and she always makes sure that her burlesque routines oozes of humor, tease and lots of bumps and grinds. 

With her trademark smile and outstanding choreographies, this saucy showgirl will make you keep dancing even after class.

Miss Petrine will be teaching heels, burlesque beginners and intermediate.


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Miss Gladys

Our beloved Miss Gladys is abroad this fall and will be back after New Year.

Genres: Neo-Burlesque, FloorWork, AcroChair, ChairDance, ChairWork, Charleston & choreography.

Best feature:

  • A classy feather-dancing diva that masters the art of facial expressions. 

Miss Gladys is a classically trained showgirl that wows her audience and students with her ultimate theatrical tease. This gorgeous femme fatale always has an ace up her sleeve and you never know what to expect in her classes, besides it will be magnificent!

Miss Gladys masters the art of facial expressions, that she learned from her many years in the dance world dancing Ballroom, Jazz and show dance, . She always knows which mimic to ad to a specific move and her choreographies are always filled with humor, teasing, and laughter that intrigues the audience.

This lovely showgirl will put the F in FUN and the G in Glamour and will make all her students look like stars.