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Grotesque Burlesque

Sweet Burlesque will be performing at this amazing event:

Grotesque Burlesque: #Trashformation - Creatures of the Deep is hereby announced!
We invite you to join the creatures of the deep on the 6. April!

The trash has been turning into treasures and the creatures of the ocean will show off incredible creations made from the wastes that humans have thrown into our seas.

On specific times, when the tides are right and the ocean currents intertwine, the creatures gather for what can best be described as a sort of festival, that you are invited to join.
Mermaids, octopus, sea anemones, crabs, and jellyfish illuminate with their bioluminescence the dance floor, showing off all their found treasures.

Costumes are made from the recycling from your home - egg cartons, plastic bags, toothpaste tubes, anything goes! Have fun, be creative, and become a creature of the ocean.

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