Sweet Burlesque

Sweet Burlesque is a concept and brand developed by our owner and headmistress Ann. The main focus is dance, body positivism and feminine power! We practice the ‘Art of Tease’ and the satirical element of Burlesque that always charms, thrills, and surprises the audience. Unlike classical burlesque, Sweet Burlesque is never about undressing or nudity. Rather, our shows oozes elegance and finesse, always with a humorous twist and enchanting seduction - hence the name Sweet Burlesque.

The (short) History of Burlesque

Burlesque and ‘The Art of Tease’ slowly began to flourish back in the middle of the 19th century. In Europe Burlesque shows were a combination of satire, Performance Art and alluring entertainment, especially in England. Lydia Thompson, an English dancer who toured with her group; ‘The British Blondes’, was one of the first to bring dancing and ‘The Art of Tease’ together and into the spotlight. It was a glamorous and playful kind of entertainment that made the audience furious, while bringing in tickets galore! Lydia went to New York City and caused the same outrage, especially when she showed off her legs by wearing skin-colored stockings! 

Paris, on the other hand, was the place where Burlesque really got the chance to flourish. In Oaris during the late 1800s you would find a different kind of freedom than anywhere else in the world at that time. While England and America raved about stockings, the era of can-can and the theatres Folies Bergère and Moulin Rouge thrived. This is also the era that inspires Dita von Teese, one of the most famous Burlesque artists alive today.

Burlesque is all about pushing boundaries, questioning the social norms of our society, teasing, surprising and captivating the audience. Today there are many interpretations and sub-genres. Neo-burlesque is a modern kind of Burlesque that mixes all kinds of genres - only the imagination sets the limits! The most well-known form of neo-burlesque is in the fusion with Striptease. This typically consists of a single performer on stage who entertains, dances and seduces while slowly undressing and ends up in the famous nippel-tassels, glittery lingerie, feathers, lace, etc. This version of neo-burlesque can be seen in many variations and is often what you will experience if you see a Burlesque show in London, Berlin or New York.

As Burlesque is once again growing in popularity, it can be found in almost any kind of fusion and variations. You can find groups like ‘The Lalas’ from L.A, ‘Bombshell Burlesque Academy’ in Australia and ‘The Follie Mixtures’ from England that offers dazzling dance shows filled with feathers, glitter and tease - all the best from the world of Burlesque. We strongly encourage you to explore this amazing universe - and take every opportunity to go and watch a show. You might not find all of it to be your cup of tea, but you will always be entertained and surprised and will leave with a smile on your face. That is, after all, the essence of Burlesque.

what do we offer?


Dance classes

We offer burlesque classes for women at all levels. We definitely have a class that fits your specific needs. Focus is femininity, humour and seduction all while you strengthen your body and work on your flexibility. We guarantee lots of sweat, hard work and laughs. Since we started in 2016, the Sweet Burlesque Dance Academy has grown to13 classes and almost 300 students - an amazing community of women cheering and supporting each other!

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Sweet Burlesque's Showteam has performed more than 200 shows and is Denmark's only professional Burlesque showteam. We have performed at Northside Festival (2017, 2018, 2019), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (2017, 2019) and Bremen Theatre (2014). We offer first class entertainment where our skilled dancers will give you a seductive, magnificent show with lots of humor and glamorous costumes. Sweet Burlesque will undoubtedly get your next party off to a stunning start!

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We also offer dance classes at bachelorrettes, birthdays etc. Read more here.