Burlesque Dance classes


If you loved the musicals "Moulin Rogue" and "Chicago" or if you are a fan of the movie "Burlesque" with Christina Aguilera and Cher, then you have come to the right place!

In our classes you will learn how to dance burlesque. You will be taught in how to dance with props such as a chair, hats or gloves. You can be the next Liza Minnelli! The class begins with an intens "ChairWork" session, a new kind of workout where we use chairs to improve our strength, flexibility and core muscles.  After the warm-up you will learn a choreography that will be practice during the class. Throughout the season you will learn all the basic Burlesque steps and you will get to know how to handle different accessories such as gloves, canes, hats, fans, stockings etc.

During the season classes will be divided so you have four weeks practicing the same choreo and same prop. This way you will get more comfortable with each choreography and all its details and expressions. The goal is to prepare the students for the annual Dance Show at the end of each season (in May).

We promise you a fun and safe place where you will experience increased self-confidence and will learn how to express yourself through dance - WITHOUT being vulgar. You will gain more body awareness and learn to enjoy and embrace your body as it is, improve your posture and feel confident and sexy. 

Dresscode is bare feet and any clothes you feel comfortable in. We always keep all our clothes on. 

I can definitely feel a difference mentally. I always leave the class happy, and I got more confident in general.
— Student
As one of the elderly women attending the 40+ class and many of the workshops like ‘Heels’, ‘Cabaret’, and ‘ Showgirls’ I just want to say try it. It is fun, energetic, and really great experience.
— - Student

Pictures from the annual show. May 2018.




Burlesque Beginners is for you who have no or little experience with Burlesque. No dancing experience is required - but we encourage you to bring a smile and a eagerness to learn! 

During the season you will be taught the art of Burlesque, as well as learning more about yourself and your body after this amazing dance class. Most of our students leaves every class with a smile on their face and a fantastic feeling in their bodies and we hope you will do to.

MONDAY 17:00-18:00

WEDNESDAY 17:00-18:00

THURSDAY 19:00-20:00


Have you turned 40 and are looking for an alternative to fitness, pole dance or zumba? Or do you simply just love dancing? Then this class is exactly what you are looking for! Our 40+ class was a huge succes last season and at Sweet Burlesque we believe that all women should feel sexy and comfortable with their own body - no matter age! Therefore we offer Burlesque 40+.

We promise you'll leave the class sweaty and smiling.
Only requirement: you have passed your 40th birthday. 40+ intermediate requires that you have danced before.




Flexibility is for you who want to become stronger and more flexible in a safe and efficient way. The class is designed to make your body more flexible in your everyday life but also as a tool for dancers, who want to improve this skill. The class will therefore not only include stretching, but also strength exercises to help you actively use your flexibility through dancing. This class is for everyone. People's different levels will be taken into account and the exercises will be adjusted to your specific starting point so that you get the most out of the classes.

We put great emphasis on proper technique, safe stretching exercises and flexibility specific to the adult body.

WEDNESDAY 20:00-21:00

SATURDAY 10:00-11:30


This classic 1920s Burlesque Showgirl class focuses on improving posture, flexibility, performance skills, splits and Charleston whilst learning a routine that will truly ‘WOW’ the audience! You will learn how to move and act as a true showgirl and handle props in the best 1920’s style. This class gives you a boost of confidence and can tribute to make you stand a little taller in everyday life!   

MONDAY 16:00-17:00


Burlesque Intermediate is for you who have danced on Sweet Burlesque beginner classes for at least one or two seasons and now are ready for a new challenge! We expect you to know the most common basic steps of Burlesque. before entering this class.

You can also join this class if you have some dancing experience from other dance genres and can follow choreography easily.

In this class we will study the basic technique and the facial expressions - this is all about helping and inspire each other! Focus will be to make your moves, steps, balance and timing better when dancing burlesque- in that way you develop your dancing with style.

TUESDAY 18:00-19:00

THURSDAY 18:00-19:00


Join us for a hardcore workout where you will be challenged while having fun on chairs! At ChairWork we will built up strength through exercises that definitely will make you sweat. Focus will be on technique and execution while gaining a strong, happy body. Our skilled dance teacher will guide you through to a more acrobatic and strong body through exercises that will benefit both body and mind.

Throughout the season you will learn new tricks on the chairs that will be combined in a final choreography.

*This class requires good body awareness, a good core strength and that you are fit to participate.




Join us for these fantastic Burlesque morning classes! This class is for everyone - both beginners and advanced burlesque dancers, everyone who wants to start their day in a nice Burlicious way.

We will do short choreographies while practicing our facial expressions and stage presence. What better way than to start your mornings than with Burlesque.

THURSDAY 09:30-10:30


ChairDance/FloorWork is a new concept that teach you how to dance sexy on the chair and floor. At this class you will only learn choreographies on the chair or on the floor. This class might include dancing in heels, use props, etc. just like our other classes.

The class oozes of sensuality. It’s definitely a good way to spice up your everyday life with delicious moves, feminine vibes and sensual movements and a good amount of "feel-good". ChairDance/FloorWork is dance lessons with focus on movements and choreographies and is not the same as ChairWork which is more a though workout.

SATURDAY 11:30-12:30


Streetjazz is for you who loves to dance and simply can’t stand still when the music is playing! Streetjazz is a genre with features elements from hip hop, house, LA STYLE mixed with traditional jazz. Warm up will be a mix of technique, grooves, etc. as well as floor exercises, afterwards a choreography will be taught. We promise you lots of groove, great music and cool choreographies!

Streetjazz Advanced is an exclusive dance class that requires at least 5 years of advanced dance experience to join this team. The classes are technically challenging and filled with energy and fun. During the season you will learn new choreographies and we work with attitude, groove and freestyle.




This class is for you who are ready and eager to challenge yourself with more advanced Burlesque dancing . We will focus on charisma, musicality, stage presence and performance.

This class is for advanced dancers who have been dancing for at least 3-4 years and feel confident about their body and knows the basic steps of Burlesque. The class is for those who seek challenges and want to do Burlesque more than on a hobby level, as this team also will get the opportunity to perform at shows and events. No basic steps will be taught at this level unless they are new and unknown steps.

MONDAY 18:00-19:20


Do you love wearing heels but want to get better at walking, moving and dancing in them? Don’t worry -  we got you. Heels is Burlesque in heels, where the focus is on the feminine vibe and sensual movements. This class will be challenging, fun, sexy and allow you to increase your wardrobe with even more heels than before! Heels is the best way to work with your facial expression, fierceness and get in touch with your inner diva on the dance floor. You decide the inches of your stilettos and you can always challenge yourself with a higher heel. If you have never danced in heels before we recommend you join the beginners class.




Every Friday we invite you to an hour of fun dancing! This class is especially for you who may not have the opportunity to join our regular classes or for you who just can't get enough of Sweet Burlesque and would love to kick-off the weekend with more dance and sensual moves. Burly Groove will be different from week to week and does not require a permanent registration to join. You can instead use our vouchers. We will have different themes throughout the season and every week we will announce which trainer you can look forward to spending your Friday with. We promise that you will never be bored at these Friday classes!

Sweet Burly Groove is meant to give you an extra break in your everyday routine where you can come and have fun, enjoy dancing and start the weekend full of energy and good vibes!



This brand new concept is for all you lovely preggos and amazing new mamas on maternity leave. Bring your strollers and your friends and come join us for a Burlesque class. Give your self some love and attention while having fun with other moms! So, if you have run out of coffee shops in Copenhagen, shopped and walk around the lakes to much and just need to do something completely different – then this is the perfect match for you!

Mamalesque is a concept developed by our dear Headmistress Ann. The class will be all about femininity and recovery of strength through Burlesque dancing. It will be like a normal beginner class, but focus will be on sensuality, fun, getting back in shape and a chance to meet new people and share experiences as a mother and mother to be. Headmistress Ann is educated physiotherapist and will also go through the importance of training your pelvic floor, arms and back while being graceful. 

There will be time to change diapers, breast feed and more. Babies are more than welcome (OBS: babies from 1 month – 7 months old).

TUESDAY 11:00-12:30



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